domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Secretly by Larissa Martin

Oi amigos! Estive ausente alguns dias, mas vamos postar hoje a poesia de Larissa.
Espero que nossos homo litteras que foram convidados para colaborar com o blog possam deixar suas idéias. Este espaço é nosso! Um abraço!

Talking to me is like
Opening the fridge
And grabbing a bite to eat.

Smelling my perfume is like
Remembering how familiar and sweet
Is your mamma’s scent.

Touching my hand is like
Holding your puppy dog
And caressing its head.

You look into my eyes,
But your eyes, oh, they’re blind!
You hear me call your name,
But your ears, oh, how deaf they are!

You cannot smell, you cannot taste…
You’re just not able to feel…
My love for you
Which is all over me!

Still it’s written: “[Love] is not self-seeking”
Lucky you, for I can’t not be able to love you.
Even if I crave it so badly, I simply can’t!
So I’ll just let you be… my love, for good and secretly!

©Larissa Martin, All rights reserved

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